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Are you tired of having tilesets in chaotic layouts?

Well, guess what?

Pyxelyzr is here. With this tool you can make your favourite tilesets, and not so favourites, be in the same layout for easier integration in your games, just drop in the tileset, drag the tiles arround and save, is that easy!


Estas cansado de tener los tilesets desordenados?

Pues, adivina qué?

Pyxelyzr está aquí. Con ésta herramienta podrás hacer que tus tilesets favoritos, y no tan favoritos, estén ordenados en la misma manera, para una integración con tus juegos más fácil, sólo arrastra el tileset dentro de la herramienta, reacomoda y guarda, así de facil!

Functions / Funciones:

  •  Open Tileset / Abrir Tileset
  •  Save Tileset As / Guardar Tileset Cómo
  •  Zoom Controls / Controles de Zoom 
  • Toggle History Visibility / Alternar la Visibilidad del Historial
  • Flip Horizontally  / Voltea Horizontalmente
  • Flip Vertically  / Voltea Verticalmente
  • Rotate 90 degrees / Rota 90 grados
  • Toggles Language / Intercambia el Idioma 
  • About this software / Acerca de este programa

Changes / Cambios v1.3a:

  •  Multi Language Support / Soporte Multilenguaje
  •  Free demo version / Version demo gratuita

Changes / Cambios v1.2a:

  • Drag and drop tilesets into the tool / Arrastrar y soltar tilesets
  • Panning and Zoom Controls / Control de Zoom y de desplazamiento
  • Tile rotation  / Rotacion de los Tiles
  • Tile axis flipping  / Volteo de Tiles según eje
  • Multi threaded workflow / Dinámica de trabajo multitareas

Changes / Cambios v1a:

  • Upgraded tileset importing dialog / Dialogo de importación mejorado
  • Tile rearrangement system / Sistema de reacomodado de Tiles
  • Ability to Undo rearrangements / Capacidad de deshacer cambios
  •  Tile Exporting / Exportación de Tiles

Future / Futuro:

  • Upgraded tileset exporting dialog / Diálogo de exportación mejorado
  •  Multiple languages / Multi Lenguaje
  •  Free Demo Build / Version Gratuita de Prueba
  • Tile rotation (90 degree turns) / Rotación de Tiles
  • Tile axis flipping (horizontal, vertical) / Volteo de Tiles
  • Tileset combination / Combinación de Tilesets
  • Drag and drop tiles into the tool  / Arrastrar y soltar
  •  Zoom controls in the main form  / Zoom y desplazamiento
  • Multiple tile selection tool / Herramienta de selección multiple

Art and Programming by me / Arte y programación por mí.


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Pyxelyzr 1.3a.zip 240 kB

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Does the tool allow you to drag in multiple images to make one big tilesheet with them all in it?


At the moment it doesn’t allow that, but I’m considering adding that now that you mention it.

Considering the program gives more control over the sprites than most sprite packers, adding the ability to pack multiple images would automatically make your program better than almost every sprite packing tool there is (including ones that range from $15 to $70, no joke). Sprite packers that actually allow control over images are weirdly rare and I don't know why.

That’s actually wonderful to hear from you, I’ll invest some time into making it a bit better, and yes, game dev tooling is expensive, but I don’t know why.